De Aar
De Aar - Historical Overview PDF Print

De Aar means "the artery" and in many senses this town is also the lifeblood of the Karoo. It is the head office of the Emthanjeni Municipality and the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality; home to many artists; there is an important weather station that can be toured by visitors, and it is still an important railway junction.

The significance of its situation on the railway line is because it is central to Gauteng, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Namibia. There are about 110km of railway lines including 29 rail tracks in the De Aar precincts.

De Aar - Population (Census 2001) PDF Print
Black Coloured Indian/Asian White Total
Male 3543 7181 21 1637 12384
Female 4014 7766 12 1841 13635
7556 14946 33 3478 26019