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    2013/2014 Financial Year

    T1/2013 Supply and Delivery of Office Automation (Photocopiers) Konica Minolta
    T2/2013 Installation of Disinfection System for Drinking Water in De Aar, Hanover and Britstown Klomac Engineering

    Purchases of 2 Sedans and 4 ton Truck

    Trek-In-Toyota De Aar Motors


    Construction of Streets in  De Aar



    Construction of Streets in  Brtistown



    Supply and delivery of 500m²-80mm Interlocking Concrete Pavers in De Aar


    Qongqo Trading CC 



    Provision of Professional Engineering Services for Upgrading of Sewer Purification Works

    Element Consulting Engineers 


    2012/2013 Financial Year


    T6/2012 Provision of security services to Emthanjeni Municipality   Nationwide Secuirty Holdings
    T6A/2012 New 22kV Supply Line to the Hospital - De Aar Bafana Bafana Electrical
    T8/2012 Implementation of Stormwater : Phase 2 Phambili Civils
    T9/2012 Protective Cloting CM Chemicals
    T10/2012 Provision of Professional Services Engineering Service for Disinfect Drinking Water BVI Consulting Engineering
    T11/2012 Provision of Professional Services for Sewer Master Plan GLS Consulting Engineering
    T12/2012 Provision of Professional Servives for Street Project Element Consulting Engineering
    T13/2012 Building of 6 Sub Economic Houses in Britstown Peter Construction

    2011/2012 Financial Year

    T1/2011 Rendering of Bank Services ABSA Bank
    T2/2012 Provision of Professional Services for a Waste Water Risk Abatement Plan AAS Operations
    T3/2012 Protective Clothing C M Chemicals
    T4/2011 Provision of Professional Engineering Services - Storm Water Project Worley Parsons
    T5/2011 Acquisition and Delivery of Mayoral Vehicle Zelco Mototrs
    T6/2011 De Aar Storm Water Project Jorian Construction
    T6/2012 Provision of Security Services Nationwide Security Holding
    T9/2011 Compilation and Maintenance of the Valuation Roll and Supplementary Valuation Rolls E-Valuation Property
    T10/2011 Provision of Legal Service for the Collection of Debt owed to Emthanjeni Municipality Vericred
    T27/2011 Tar of Cradock street, Hanoveer Trucon Construction

    2010 / 2011 Financial Year

    T3/2011 Short Term Insurance AON Insurance
    T2/2011 Bulk Water Supply for Britstown Active Group Management Services

    Supply Delivery and Financing of Vehicle Fleet

    -  LDV`s

    - Grader

    - Cherry Picker

    - Trucks and "Yellow Plant"

    - Vibratory Soil Compactor and Pedestrian Rollers


    Besters Auto

    De Aar Motors

    De Aar Motors

    De Aar Motors


    T6/2010 Bulk Water Supply for Britstown Active Group Management Services
    T5/2010 Supply and Delivery, free-on rail of Water Piping for Britstown Bulk Water Supply. Irrigation Equipment Supplies

    2009 / 2010 Financial Year

    T  1/2009

    Upgrading of Hanover Waste Water Treatment Works

    De Jager Loodgieters

    T  3/2009

    De Aar Industrial Area 6.6Kv Network Extention and 200 KVA Connection to Secure Care Centre

    Vredendal Electric

    T  4/2009

    Electrical Consulting Engineering Services - Design, Documentation and Supervision for the Electrification of 154 houses in De Aar and Britstown

    Stabilis Development

    T  7/2009

    Employee Wellness Programme for Emthanjeni Municipality

    Fortogenic Solutions

    T  8/2009

    De Aar and Britstown 154 Houses Electrification

    Vredendal Electric

    T  9/2009

    Construction of 100 Sub-Economic Houses in Hanover

    Siyakhasa Building Constructions

    T 10/2009

    Supply, Delivery, Maintenance and Financing of Office Automation Equipment

    Konica Minolta Karoo

    T 11/2009

    Britstown Bulk Water Supply Scheme : Consulting Engineering Services

    Vela Vke

    T 12/2009 Installation of telephone system Danyi Telecommunication

    T 13/2009

    Construction of 32 Sub-Economic Houses

    Vukuzenzele Construction

    T 14/2009

    De Aar Bulk Water Supply : Consulting Engineering Services

    PMV Joint Ventue

    T 1/2010 Provision of Brand Execution Services for Emthanjeni Municipality Creative Harvest
    T  3/2010 Construction of Netball, Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball Courts in De Aar and Britstown Keimoes Steenwerke
    T 4/2010 Supply and Installation of 2.1 meter high Concrete Palisade Fence in De Aar G E Edwards & Sons


    2008 / 2009 Financial Year


    T 15/2007

    De Aar Taxi Rank Consulting Enginering Service


    T   1/2008

    Construction of Taxi Rank Facility in De Aar

    Bobi Contstruction

    T   2/2008

    Supply and Installation of a Toiletpaper Manufacturing Machine Haier SA
    T  3/2008 Short Term Insurance AON
    T  4/2008 Supply and Delivery of Vehicles Trek In Toyota
    T  7/2008 Supply and Delivery of building material : 67 houses , Booi Mantyi Rehoboth Hardware
    T  8/2008 Security Services Vukuzenzele Security Services
    T  9/2008 Upgrading of De Aar Landfill Site Trucon
    T 10/2008 Britstown Geohydrological Groundwater Investigation and Drilling of Boreholes SRK Consulting
    T 11/2008 Storm Water Masterplan for De Aar Sivest Civil Engineering
    T 12/2008 Consulting Engineering Services for the Upgrading of Hanover Oxidation Ponds Ninham Shand (PTY)
    T 13/2008 Consulting Engineering Services for the Design, Documentation, Specification and Supervision for the Upgrading of De Aar Purification Works SSI
    T 14/2008 Electrical Consulting Engineering Services for the Design Documentation, Specification and Supervision : Electrical Extension : De Aar Industrial Area Stabilis Development
    T 15&16/2008 Conversion from IMFO to Grap Accounting Standards PricewaterhouseCoopers
    T 17/2008 Britstown Highmast Lighting Le Blanc CIH Lighting
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